From a dream … to lifelong passion

Born amidst the vineyards, Robert Galibert was brought up working in the vines. But his dream was… to become a truck driver ! A dream which came true in the sense that he owned a truck for the seasonal re-location of his beehives. Finally he became an apiarist and honey producer. His curiosity led him to bee farming; to breeding Queen bees, producing pollen and the first crop pollinisations.  Robert and his wife Eliane, a skilled sales-woman, set up Rucher des Garrigues Gardoises in 1960 to market their products.

Their daughter Myriam fell in love with Gérald, without knowing that he was an inquisitive man, passionate about life and whose interests included biology and genetics. Gérald was intrigued by the unusual world of beekeeping. One day, helping out with moving some hives proved to be a revelation! Being caught in the maelstrom of beekeeping’s changing seasons has been a major part of his life and the years have flown by almost unnoticed. Inspired by the bees’ active nature, Myriam and Gérald created Nectars du Soleil SARL.

Bees are certainly small in size; but they are hugely important to mankind.

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