Pollen français


L’abeille est un des principaux agents de pollénisation, 80% de la multiplication des végétaux…

Gelée royale française

Royal jelly

Bees that are 6 to 12 days old secrete Royal jelly from their saliva or hypopharynx glands…

Miel de france

Where honey comes from ?

Honey is the secretion of certain plants’ nectars found between the petals, the sepals or folds of plant leaves…

les abeilles

The bee

Bees pollinate flowers and hence all mankind’s crops (melons, marrows, courgettes, strawberries, raspberries…)

Elevage de reines

Breeding queens

A Queen is quite simply a worker larvae that develops in 16 days having been fed on Royal jelly…

Colonie d'abeille

Bee's colonies

Bees form the biggest colonies of 15,000 to 30,000 during the winter. They can reach a population of 60,000…